Bob Tuffin has become a well established and sought after artist. Since getting his degree from York University in 1998 he has concentrated on developing various styles of wire sculptures. Working with mainly steel aluminium and copper he manipulates the wire to create stunning works of art. There are solid sculptures where the wire is built up to produce a firm sturdy sculpture. In contrast he builds his signature works which are his hollow almost ghostly figures, these go through three stages which can take weeks or months to achieve.

Bob has shown his work up and down the UK and has now been highly recognized in America, featuring in magazines and having his work used in films. He is fast becoming a well known and sought after artist.

The beauty of his work is that it can be displayed in all environments, both indoors and outdoors. His work has also been adapted to suit particular spaces. Not only can his sculptures be in a traditional freestanding pose, but can be wall mounted or hung, allowing the viewer to utilize any space and be able to view it from all angles.

His hollow style has developed to include his hollow figures within their own enclosure. If you look closely you will notice that parts of the body touch the outside frame, actually becoming it. This is hard to capture in photos, as the wire tends to blend with the back wire structure. No photo can ever do justice to his work.

Bob has pursued many different careers in his past, from restaurant manager and factory worker, to child care officer and foster career. He has now found his true path and with such a past in varied parts of the country, he manages to take the experiences and put them in to his art.

“I feel that I have had four or five lives already, all with their own ups and downs, I feel I am embarking on a new one now and this one I share with my two sons”. My work is titled but my intention is for the viewer to come up with their own ideas of what they see and feel in each piece, they are suppose to provoke an emotion or feeling within each person that is personal to them.